Posts about my activities during my base period of training.


The Männer and I returned from the Karkonosze National Park in Poland during my 19th week of training. This week in the base training part of New Alpinism is for rest and recovery.
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Up We Go


I noticed the earlier sunrises a few weeks ago. Like a groundhog, who didn’t want to see his own shadow, I failed to appreciate how a dark blue tint gently replaced the pitch black color of my early morning walks. The seasons have slowly started to change in Berlin despite an extended forecast for more snow.
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Performance Review

My boss made an unexpected visit to Berlin this week so he could conduct my annual performance review.
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Coming soon …

Human Zamboni


I arrived at the Jahnsportpark a bit later than usual. I left early,
but I had to wait five minutes to cross the street in front of the
house where we live. With the temperature stuck for days in the high
teens, I assume more people were driving to work. I couldn’t think of
an alternative explanation for the traffic.
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Gone to the Devil

In Berlin, you can take public transportation to the Devil. The S5 above ground train (S-Bahn) will get you there and back.
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