My training regimen keeps me busy. The workouts are rarely boring. These posts document the chance encounters I’ve made along the way, and they show my current progress.

Performance Review

My boss made an unexpected visit to Berlin this week so he could conduct my annual performance review.
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Coming soon …

Human Zamboni


I arrived at the Jahnsportpark a bit later than usual. I left early,
but I had to wait five minutes to cross the street in front of the
house where we live. With the temperature stuck for days in the high
teens, I assume more people were driving to work. I couldn’t think of
an alternative explanation for the traffic.
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Gone to the Devil

In Berlin, you can take public transportation to the Devil. The S5 above ground train (S-Bahn) will get you there and back.
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Hakuna Matata


By the time I arrived at the Ghetto Proving Grounds (GSP) for my weighted climb, the sun was well up over the horizon. I was off to a late start because I had procrastinated at home. Read more

Let it snow!

My first week of muscular endurance training coincided with our first significant snowfall.
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