Day Seven: Comin’ Down the Mountain


We awoke early on our last day at Camp Muir. The temperature was 6° F (-14° C) with a light wind blowing from the northwest. The sky was clear and blue. The clouds and the tension of the last few days had finally lifted. We were heading back to Paradise on a beautiful day, Good Friday, according to the Gregorian calendar.
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Day Four: From Glacier Vista to Camp Muir

The Box (Foreground) and Outhouse (Background)

I had a restless night in our tent. A mixture of jet lag, altitude, wind noises, and lingering nervousness kept my sleep cycles short. Condensation and poor housekeeping left my feet in a moist layer of water on the floor. Unlike the Männer, I skimped on buying a second mattress. The inflatable one I rented was too short and narrow. I was cold, wet, and grumpy. My misery was my own fault.
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