Chips and Beer To Go

With our arrival in Paradise on Good Friday over one month ago, the Männer and I marked the end of a journey. We had completed our winter seminar with RMI on Mount Rainier.

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Day Six: Cabin Fever

Yummy Ice is Better Than Yeti Noodles

I awoke at 4:30 am. I was ready to make a summit attempt that had already been canceled. With nothing better to do, I turned over, filled my pee bottle, and rearranged the socks and gloves that were drying inside my sleeping bag. I listened to the hard winds that were blowing outside. The temperature had dropped noticeably inside.
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Day Five: No Summit for Old Men

Making a Deadman Anchor

Our day began outside the Box. The sky was grey, but it showed no further evidence of the previous night’s storm. 22° F (-5° C) and partially cloudy was an excellent way to start the day.
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Day Three: Here We Go (Departure from Paradise)

Panorama Peak behind the Kitchen and Guides' Tent

A loud, Pacific Northwest rain drumming offbeat on a skylight of the cabin woke me up at 1 am. I was dehydrated, and my body lingered behind in a far away time zone. Forced awake, my mind raced with nervousness. I knew we would have a short, first ascent, but the guides didn’t brief us on what to expect. They were concerned when the gates at the park would open. I was worried about my performance.
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Gone to the Devil

In Berlin, you can take public transportation to the Devil. The S5 above ground train (S-Bahn) will get you there and back.
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