Day Seven: Comin’ Down the Mountain


We awoke early on our last day at Camp Muir. The temperature was 6° F (-14° C) with a light wind blowing from the northwest. The sky was clear and blue. The clouds and the tension of the last few days had finally lifted. We were heading back to Paradise on a beautiful day, Good Friday, according to the Gregorian calendar.
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Day Three: Here We Go (Departure from Paradise)

Panorama Peak behind the Kitchen and Guides' Tent

A loud, Pacific Northwest rain drumming offbeat on a skylight of the cabin woke me up at 1 am. I was dehydrated, and my body lingered behind in a far away time zone. Forced awake, my mind raced with nervousness. I knew we would have a short, first ascent, but the guides didn’t brief us on what to expect. They were concerned when the gates at the park would open. I was worried about my performance.
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