Day Five: No Summit for Old Men

Making a Deadman Anchor

Our day began outside the Box. The sky was grey, but it showed no further evidence of the previous night’s storm. 22° F (-5° C) and partially cloudy was an excellent way to start the day.
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Day Five: Misty Mountain Hopping

Closer to Relief

The long, deep howl of gusting wind woke me early in the night. It was 10:30 pm, I was cold, and I had to pee. The thought of getting out of my sleeping bag made me shutter more than I was already shuttering.
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Day Four: From Glacier Vista to Camp Muir

The Box (Foreground) and Outhouse (Background)

I had a restless night in our tent. A mixture of jet lag, altitude, wind noises, and lingering nervousness kept my sleep cycles short. Condensation and poor housekeeping left my feet in a moist layer of water on the floor. Unlike the Männer, I skimped on buying a second mattress. The inflatable one I rented was too short and narrow. I was cold, wet, and grumpy. My misery was my own fault.
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