I want to thank my support team and a number of companies that are helping me reach my goal of climbing Denali.

Support Team

Chief Excellence Officer (CEO)
My support team is led by my amazing wife, Nicole, who does an incredible job keeping our basecamp fully operational. Her patience with me, my training schedule, and my absence from the big tent goes way beyond the call of domestic duty.
Deputy Commanding Officer
My wife’s assistant, Amelia, commands order in the basecamp and helps me with my gear reviews just as long as she gets a good night story before she goes to bed.
Chief Operations Officer (COO)
My dear friend and fellow mountain man, El Jefe, leads my American operations. The best concierge in the State of Texas, Jeff patiently handles everything from the mundane to the monumental without getting tied up in a knot.
Chief Medical Advisor
Dr. Lars Holmer, M.D. ensures that his patients get the best medical treatment possible. He’s rescued me from a number of tight spots with his great care and thoughtful bedside manner.
Chief Intellectual Officer (CIO)
Fellow Texan, Southwestern graduate, and New Alpinism convert, Dr. Lee Holt, PhD., is my intellectual doppelgänger. His fascinating doctorate on mountaineering and our inspiring correspondence keeps me on my feet and makes him the undisputed heavyweight off the trail.
Die tapfere Schneiderin
Oma Sigrid, my wife’s maternal grandmother and my Ersatzoma (replacement grandmother), keeps my worn and torn gear in tip-top shape. She can mend everything from a ripped glove to a broken ego.


I sponsor the following companies and equipment manufacturers. They do great work, make great products, and put people in front of profits.

Kiepert & Kutzner
Our local, organic grocery store keeps my entire family well fed and fueled.
This Berliner outdoor shop graciously answers all my questions and provides excellent gear advice.
Sun Radio (KDRP)
This Austin radio station boosts my daily, post workout lull with the best music on the Austin and Internet airwaves.
In 1984, REI was the first awe-inspiring gear shop I ever visited. They are still my favorite, back home outfitter. I’ve been a proud member since 1996.
My constant companion since my first adventures as a college student, Patagonia’s clothing and gear have survived every climb and every attempt by others to throw them out of my closet.
I bought my first pair of Hanwag boots as a student—my first credit card purchase. They were also the first piece of new equipment that I bought in the last 15 years.
Forty Below
A newcomer on my gear list, this company quickly won me over with their superior product quality and personal touch. I fortunately have another reason to shop with them before my trip to Denali.
My eyewear from this company have replaced the mirrored, rose colored, Sun Cloud sunglasses of my youth, which gazed at more peaks from the lifeguard chair than from the mountains. My new glasses and googles have survived every field test, and the company’s customer support is top notch.