At the Summit (Part II)

In February 2016, the Männer and I went to Poland to train for our trip to Mt. Rainier. Our first trip together, we learned much about winter weather conditions and our ability to work as a team.

Day One: Boots on the Ground

Nearing Samotnia Hut
We arrived at the car park in Karpacz, Poland later than anticipated. We got off to a slow start in the morning.

Day Two: Snowbound on Śnieżka

Dom in the Background
The Samotnia mountain hut unassumingly awaits visitors at the banks of a pond in a quiet valley of the Karkonosze National Park.

Day Three: The Better Part of Valentine

Searching for Another Route
We awoke slowly on Sunday morning. We planned to have a lie-in before our next day of training. Our long hike of the previous day, our battle against the wind, and residual jet-lag made recovery necessary.

Day Four: Climb Every Mountain

We awoke early on our last day at Samotnia to sounds of water dripping from the roof. If we had not known better, we would have thought a water main had broke.